Delta Ridge

This residential subdivision consists of 139 single-family homes located on a steep sloped, heavily wooded 174 acre tract.  Even with large 1/2 acre lot sizes, over fifty percent of the site was able to be retained in common open space. The installation of offsite waterline and improvements to existing Lime Road were required in addition to your typical onsite infrastructure. Construction of a new domestic water supply system and sewage pumping station were also necesary for this project to become a reality. Eventually, a walkway through the wooded open space will connect the neighborhood to nearby Delta Borough.?

Additional Info

  • Client: Bob Ward Companies
  • Project Name: Delta Ridge
  • Location: Peach Bottom Township - York County, PA
  • Contact: Robert Holweck 487-4676
  • Start Date: Winter 2004
  • Completion Date: Fall 2013
  • Construction Costs: $5,400,000