Eagle Heights

Eagle Heights is a 50-acre property developed to include the following mix of housing: 100 apartments, 106 town homes, 26 duplexes and 76 single family homes.  The single family homes are situated at the top of a ridge to take advantage of panoramic views of the countryside as well as the existing woods. In addition to your typical on-site improvements, this project required substantial work off-site; including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, waterline, and the curbing and widening of existing Hershey Mill Road. Macadam pathways and a community center are also scheduled to be constructed on the grounds in this neo-traditional neighborhood. ?

Additional Info

  • Client: Charles and Kicera
  • Project Name: Eagle Heights
  • Location: Manor Township - Lancaster County, PA
  • Contact: David Charles, Partner (717) 299-2100
  • Start Date: Summer 2003
  • Completion Date: Summer 2006
  • Construction Costs: $3,100,000