Newport Square

Newport Square is a neo-traditional type development being built on 114 acres which will include the construction of 148 single family homes, 106 townhomes, 220 garden apartments, a community center and commercial lots. The land improvements to be completed will consist of a total site grading package, including a wet pond, boulder walls and walking trails, sanitary sewer installation, storm sewer, waterline, curbing, sidewalks, paving of streets and walkways, utility trenching and traffic signalization. Also included in our scope of work is the widening of an existing roadway and the installation of a water meter pit to monitor water usage by the private apartment complex.

Additional Info

  • Client: Newport Square Associates
  • Project Name: Newport Square
  • Location: Lititz Borough and Warwick Township, Lancaster County, PA
  • Contact: Mike Glass (717) 625-4950
  • Start Date: May 1999
  • Completion Date: October 2007
  • Construction Costs: $5.7 million