The Village at Springbrook Farms is a 60 acre residential complex being constructed near Campbelltown. This community incorporates 146 townhouses, 96 quad and duplex units, and 17 single family homes, with interconnected open space trails and a neighborhood clubhouse. Drainage limitations required the site's storm water runoff to be infiltrated on-site through the construction of rain gardens, swales, infiltration beds and porous pavement walkways and drives.

Additional Info

  • Client: Springbrook Farms, Inc.
  • Project Name: Village at Springbrook Farms
  • Location: S. Londonderry Township, Lebanon County, PA
  • Contact: Don Lechleitner (717) 533-6222
  • Start Date: Spring 2005
  • Completion Date: Fall 2013
  • Construction Costs: $4.4 million