Landis Farm

Landis Farm is a residential development in Lancaster County consisting of 50 duplexes and 99 single family homes. The total site is 65 acres with approximately 30% remaining as open space. This project had a very aggressive schedule for completion of the site infrastructure due to the complete relocation of an existing Township road. In addition to all of the standard site improvements, there was also major widening and utility upgrades to another street. Work on both Township roads involved extensive coordination efforts due to the numerous existing utilities.

Additional Info

  • Client: Landis Farm Associates, LLC
  • Project Name: Landis Farm
  • Location: East Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co., PA
  • Contact: Lester Weaver (717) 393-0212
  • Start Date: Spring 2015
  • Completion Date: Fall 2015
  • Construction Costs: $3.7 million
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