Services (7)

We construct waterlines for both public and privately owned water companies.  Our scope of work includes the installation of ductile iron and PVC mains, as well as the completion of individual water service laterals.

  • Mains
  • Services
  • Meter pits

In addition, we install water meter pit assemblies to monitor water usage where necessary.  We’ve also recently constructed a water storage tank and the related water treatment facility.

Abel Construction has been building bridges since the company started in business in the early 1970’s.  We have the knowledge and experience necessary to not only erect a simple single span bridge, but also the larger more complex multi-span bridge structures.  Our company also constructs pre-cast concrete box culverts and concrete retaining walls.

Whatever the structural concrete work involves, Abel has the crews available to handle the need.

We have the ability to construct complete storm water management facilities.  Our projects begin with the installation of erosion control measures and sediment basins, and proceed through the completion of the pipeline system.  All items of work are included in our site package.

  • Pipe installation
  • Underground storage
  • Detention basins

We also construct underground storage detention systems when a standard above ground basin can not be utilized.

Whether you have a project with a small storm water system, or a larger more complicated design, we have the background to take care of your needs.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, Abel Construction can handle all site excavation needs.  After performing a “computer takeoff” of the site grading, we have the capability of balancing the earthwork, depending upon specific site conditions.  Our fleet of dozers, scrapers, excavators, off-road trucks and compactors are then ready to mobilize and complete the earthmoving activities.

  • Balanced earthwork
  • Rock excavation
  • GPS grading

In addition, there is never a scheduling concern if rock is encountered, since we perform the drilling and blasting with our own forces, and are not dependent on a subcontractor to perform this work.

No matter the size or type of excavation required, Abel has both the personnel and equipment necessary to meet all earthmoving needs.

Abel Construction “pipe crews” have experience in all types of sanitary sewer installation.  We construct standard gravity systems, as well as pumping stations and their associated force mains.  All installations are performed safely and according to authority specifications, with signed inspection reports kept on file for future reference, if the need arises.

  • Gravity main
  • Laterals
  • Force main
  • Pump stations

Our sanitary sewer history not only includes projects in the private market for developers, but also involves work directly for authorities in the public sector.